Traffic Resources

Hi and welcome back!

If you read the “About Me” section, then you will be familiar with my marketing experience. If you haven’t, then a quick summary! I have been marketing online since 2002, and have ran numerous successful websites.

In my time online, I have learned that a lot of people just want to take your money and do not offer any “real value” and not all marketing is created equal. Unfortunately, I learned all these lessons the hard way including tens of thousands of dollars over the last 16 years trying anything and everything to not only make money but promote it.

This brings us to now, with FB cracking down on biz posts, people need other options that don’t require social media even though Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are great for biz! I created these resources that I have used through the years, and they WORK!

The majority are free, however some have upgrade options with more ad benefits and other resources listed below that are not free, but well worth the $10 or less….because who doesn’t want good, affordable ads?!

Hope these help,


Networking off Facebook ~ Promote, meet people, etc…kinda like Facebook, but for marketers! I LOVE these sites!

MLM Gateway

Ping O Five

Budget Blasters – Mail Millions Daily 

Web 2 Phone – $9.95 Lifetime – Send your ad from the web, to 13,500,000 CELL phones

Blast King – $10 Lifetime – Daily submission to 43 million double optin leads, plus bonus blasting tools/submitters

Blast O Matic – $10 Lifetime – Daily submission to 30 million, plus extra promotion tools

Social Media Mailer – $10 Lifetime – Hourly submission to 30 million social media marketers

Ad Maniac – $10 Lifetime – Daily submission to 30 million double optin leads

Ad Cash Blast – $10 Lifetime- Daily submission to 50 million double optin leads

Cash Cow – $10 – Daily submission to 40 million double optin leads

Extreme 60 Minute Mailer – $10 Lifetime – Hourly submission to 40 million double optin leads

Revenue Erruption – $10 Lifetime – Hourly submission, automatically to 28 million double optin leads

Traffic Exchanges ~ You view sites and earn credits to your sites. You also can buy hits if you don’t have time to surf.

Easy Hits 4 U

Top Surfer

Webmaster Quest

Traffic Swarm

Opt-in Email Advertising ~ Send your ads to optin subscribers

Traffic Surge Ad Exchange – 5 free solo ads and more free advertising

100% Commission Traffic – Text ad exchange, banner ads, send free emails to members.

Fast Email Leads – Purchase email addresses to email, costs vary

Advertyse – You can have an optin email sent, through targeting to a select group. Prices vary.

List Builders & Mailers ~