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Get Paid to Watch TV, Text and Play Games ~ Seriously!

I’ve finally found the best ways to literally get paid for doing practically nothing, including watching TV 📺 texting my friends and playing games like Township, Candy Crush! No joke! Read on for more.

If you’ve read about me on my page at all, you know I’m a WAH and homeschooling mom of 2 boys 👬 So me making or saving every penny is a huge deal! I use coupons, cashback apps and everything available lol but hey, every bit helps!

Imagine my surprise when I found out that I could actually earn gift cards for watching my regular shows!! Forensic Files, Criminal Minds, American Horror Story and all my other shows through an app called Viggle.

It’s really cool, because you can earn points for streaming your shows if you don’t have cable 🙂 Yup, earn gift cards while binge watching Netflix… It’s a lazy persons dream come true!

Check out Viggle


Another great way to get free gift cards is Watchback. They have regular shows, previews, viral videos and more! Each video is worth an entry into the prize pool and I cashed out a $10 gift card in about 2 weeks from winning in the prize pools! Sister company of Viggle.

Check out Watchback

Now, while you are earning gift cards while binge watching Netflix, among other gun stuff, let’s talk about how you can earn gift cards and cash for text messages. 😃

Cheetah keyboard is a really cool app because you can get cool themes for your phone, and paid cash for using the cash keyboard 😁 You can also spin the cash wheel numerous times per day!

Check out Cheetah here, and receive $5 to signup

OK, so we’re earning gift cards while binge watching Netflix, TV shows, viral videos and using Cheetah keyboard for typing… How can this get better?

Legit cash for playing games! Yes, it’s true. People are skeptical and I totally understand, but I have tons of payment proof! It’s really, real! I discovered my now favorite game called Township, lol, no joke, I’m addicted and am paid about $10+/month from Coin Pop to play 🙂

Check out Coin Pop and the sister company AppLike

If you like Candy Crush, you will love Jet Set Go Rewards! Same concept as candy crush, but you can trade your coins in for PayPal, gift cards or even travel rewards!C

Check out Jet Set Go Rewards

Lastly, get gift cards for walking into stores and also for your groceries with Checkpoints, here! Make sure to enter code: srw2k2 to receive a sign up bonus

I have lots more awesome ways to get paid, just look around my blog 🙂

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ZetHot 50 to 70 Mile Range Amplified Indoor TV Antenna 

Review of:  ZetHot 50 to 70 Mile Range Amplified Indoor TV Antenna 

Picture Perfect Crystal Clear Free TV and that’s not a joke! It has a nice and slim design and it wasn’t too hard to setup. I was able to follow the instructions in the manual as I’m not really too tech savvy.  I found more channels than expected, so that’s an added plus. I like that this has a 50-70 mile range compared to 35 mile range or less of others. This gives me channels in nearby markets that I wouldn’t have received otherwise. I love that the manufacturer gave mounting circles to tape to the wall rather then nail it onto a wall. I had no trouble with the installation, it was very easy to do.  Great for anyone looking for simplicity, a nice design, and great picture on the tv.

Pick up yours today for under $20!

Death Wish Coffee – Full Review


dwcHi and welcome back!

Some of you may have heard about the world’s strongest coffee, aka Death Wish Coffee, but is it worth the almost $20 price? I had to find out for myself, so I coughed up my $19.99 and  In my honest opinion, YES!!!!

It has a very high caffeine content and is not bitter tasting, which is a huge plus and a little will go along way! It’s fair trade and organic as well. For those who like really strong coffee, I would honestly suggest you try this at least once to compare, and you will never go back to normal coffee!

It’s available in K cups and 1 lb packages on Amazon, and if you are a prime customer, you get free 2 day shipping!

Check out the 1 pound bag here to see for yourself

Check out the K Cups options here

I know you will end up loving this coffee as much as I do 🙂