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Calling All Makeup Lovers OR Haters!




Some people love makeup, some people can’t stand it and others only wear it on occasion. If you fall into any of those 3 categories….take a look at why we are so different and why I think you should never wear any other brand of makeup, except…..Younique! I no longer pay for makeup or skin care products outside of my 1 time join fee of $99, which helps me save money! Before Younique, I never wore ¬†makeup except for special occasions, because it would look cakey, no matter what and also break me out. I am so happy I discovered some miracle mascara and amazing products! Here are just a few reasons we are so different:

*Talc and chemical free*

*Vegan and Gluten Free Products*

*No Animal Testing, Ever*

*High quality that is affordable*

*Earn unlimited free & 1/2 price items*

*Earn income every 3 hours per sale directly to you*

*Spare, part or full time*

*Get paid to take selfies and create new looks*

*Salon industry people can add income with no extra effort*

*4 different ways to join*

*No monthly quota or auto ship*

*Empower & Uplift women*

*Help abused women through the Foundation*

Like I said, these are just a few of the many reasons why I now wear makeup and feel so much more confident! It’s amazing that I started just because I needed some more makeup and now I am helping mentor a team of women from single moms to models and everyone in between. You can purchase anything or join my team by clicking the image :)


Oh yeah, I almost forgot….anyone want to go to Cozumel with me? Qualify for free with our cruise incentive!!


I would love to help you with your goals and coach you personally! Feel free to contact me from my website to make sure I get your message. Join me on this incredibly crazy, awesome, inspiring makeup journey!!

Best Always,


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