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$100 Video Doorbell for Free

Wow, this is a fantastic freebie,  but limited time only! Get a FREE Ring video doorbell system!! You need to go here and download the Neighbors app. Create an account, you get a $10 credit. Now here is where It will require a little work on your part, but it’s absolutely worth it!

These doorbells are really cool, and for each friend you are refer, they get a $10 free credit and so do you! Refer 10 friends = free video doorbell!

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You Made Money Doing What?!

Hi and welcome back!

I’m over the moon ecstatic while I’m writing this because I was just paid again to PayPal and all I did was get addicted to some games!

I’ve got 2 farms, a town, a empire, dragon and fish lol but hey if you’re going to play, you may as well get PAID! If you don’t want PayPal, no problem! You can redeem for many popular gift cards. OR, earn bitcoin, ethereum etc!

I’ve gotten paid by all THREE companies below so you have nothing to lose, except time by getting sucked into fun games lol

Coin Pop – earn 4444 bonus coins to join!

App Like – earn 4444 bonus coins to join!

Storm Play – Earn free cryptocurrency with joining! If asked, use code A9JLVK for 6,000 free bolts!

For more apps that pay, check this out!






I Got $40 Back in Cash for Groceries


I’m so excited to share with you a really easy way to not only make money, but save money on groceries, without cutting coupons!!

I’m a busy homeschool mom of 2 boys and love to save money…BUT…I hate cutting endless coupons! Mobile coupons have become a lifesaver and then I find these awesome apps that don’t make me cut coupons, but give me CASHBACK directly to my PayPal!

Now, picture are a person who cuts coupons but are not using these apps….you are literally throwing money away because the majority of the offers match current coupons!

Oh, I even get paid back for the times when I do cut coupons with an awesome site called Swagbucks and you can read all about why I love it here.

Checkout my proof from today that I’m about to cashout $42 between Checkout 51 and Ibotta!



Checkout 51

Enjoy your free money for stuff you already buy!




The World’s First Social Credit Card

Hi and welcome back!

I found a really cool site to share with you today and I’m pretty excited! It’s the world’s first social credit card that will pay you to refer, so that’s really cool.

If you have a few friends, you can earn a monthly income from your friends spending, plus this card gives you 1% cashback!

It will be going live soon, so get in now with referrals because no personal info is needed!


Click here and enjoy this Vital card

Let’s Talk Major Discounts

Hi and welcome back!

I have a great freebie, that keeps on giving.

Have you heard about Google Express? You get a $10 credit on your first use by entering my code. JE93R857T and if you follow the directions below, get something free!!

Signup for Google express then find an item from walmart that’s $3 or less so your total with shipping is under $10 and it’s completely free 🙂 Make sure it’s from walmart and go to checkout.

Under promo codes at checkout, if not already populated, enter JE93R857T and it will take $10 off. From my example, I paid $1 for my item 🙂

Have your friends join with your link for a $10 credit on their first purchase and you get $10 too, once it’s been shipped!

Signup here! Code for $10 off JE93R857T

Grab Some FREE Stock and NO risk!


I just had to tell you about this amazing app that will give you a FREE Stock in a company, just for joining!

You could do more even get apple stocks! Say what?! Yes! Just go download this app, follow the instructions and done! You can even get free stock for referrals which is really cool!

No cost, No risk, just FREE stocks!

Grab yours here and enjoy  🙂

My #1 Free Earning Site, Ever!

Hi and welcome back!

Today I want to chat about one of my favorite websites you may or may not have heard of, called Swag Bucks! You will get swag bucks when you print coupons, watch videos, take surveys, sign up for free trials, test new products, earn cashback for shopping and a whole lot more!

Right now they are even giving you a $3 bonus and gift cards start at $5! They have gift cards for practically EVERYTHING, but my favorite is cashing out to my Paypal 🙂

If you like to coupon like me, you will LOVE that you can earn 10 swag bucks aka 10 cents for each coupon you print!

On average, I earn about $40 per month from this site, with no cost to me! I have earned $940 to date and they have been around for seveal years.

Check out swag bucks by clicking the banner, you will love it like I do!

Spotlight on Reema Akbari

Reema says,

Hi, my name is Reema and I am a Director with Pampered Chef.  In 2014, I joined Pampered Chef as a hobbyist to get the discounts on the products.  In my mind, this was the way to rationalize it to my husband LOL.

A little about me.  I am married to an amazing man that I call my partner, my equal, Jawade (“Jay”).  We have been married for nearly 15 years and have three amazing children.  Isaac  is 13, Adam is 9 and Jakey is 4.
In 2015, Jay was diagnosed with Tubercular Meningitis.  We nearly lost him.  He was hospitalize d for two weeks and had a really rough recovery.  Thankfully, I was working from home at the time with my Pampered Chef business.

In 2016, Adam was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  He was hospitalized with a bowel obstruction and they found the diabetes while checking everything else.  I am so grateful to God for saving my son from pain.  They diagnosed him early enough where he was able to get on insulin without having to go through insulin shock.
Adam is now stable and on an insulin pump.  Jay is 96% recovered from the Meningitis.  Life is good.

Party with me!  Most of my parties are done through Facebook.  My virtual parties usually run 10 days to 14 days.  I do some cooking shows, but not as often.  The virtual parties give me flexibility to have time with my family.
Pampered Chef saved mine and my family’s lives.   It is life changing!

Feel free to check out my VIP group here:

And my website here

Feel free to contact me if you would like more info on Pampered Chef and what it could do for your family.

Reema L. Akbari
Pampered Chef, Independent Consultant

My Why

Spotlight on Krista Clark

Krista says,


I’m Krista and an Independent Agent for fibi & clo.  I’m married, have two beautiful girls, Hayleigh and Alexis (Lexi) and I was born and raised in Colorado.  I also work a full time job in addition to my Direct Sales adventures, so I’m almost always constantly busy or on the go.

For those of you that have never heard of fibi & clo, we sell shoes!  Gorgeous shoes designed by our CEO’s wife AnaLiza.  We currently have sandals, but will be releasing flats, boots and jewelry in the very near future!  Exciting things are coming to fibi & clo and I’m very excited to be a part of it!  If you’re looking for an amazing work from home opportunity in the Direct Sales industry, fibi & clo is free to join!  Plus, we have very easy requirements to stay active as well…super simple.

For those interested in joining, please visit and enter Sponsor ID 3037184206,

or you can also find me on Facebook at

or on Instagram at krista_sparklyshoes

or you can also email me at if you have any questions regarding fibi & clo or the active requirements.

For those interested in purchasing, our beautiful shoe options can be found at  Lost a stone?  All shoes come with a lifetime stone replacement guarantee, just let our fibi & clo customer care team know and they’ll help you out!

Please feel free to join my Facebook business page to keep up on current styles and releases at  I look forward to helping you “put a sparkle in your step!”