Attention Gardeners – Seeds Of The Month Club


Hi and welcome back!

I am starting a garden this summer, and had no clue what to start with! Then I stumbled upon the Seeds of the Month Club and thought…interesting, I am going to try this out. It’s only $3.99 per month and your first shipment includes 8 different non GMO open pollinated seeds and eah month after, you get 4 packages. See full details below.

Open pollinated, heirloom varieties
8 packs of seeds your 1st month
4 packs of seeds every month thereafter
30 day money back guarantee
25% off vegetable gardening products in our online store
Free shipping

If you aren’t sure where to even start, this website has lots of great info for those just starting out, or seasoned in gardening! Enjoy your non GMO seeds 🙂 Go here to check it out!