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So as you probably know by now, I love to make and save money! With the availability of smart phones these days, there is an app for pretty much everything lol and that includes apps that pay you for using them. From grocery shopping to photography…There is an app that will pay you! All listed sites have been verified as paying and are free to download

Let’s go download some money!!


Cash Back Shopping Apps – get cashback for things you have to buy! *personal tip* download them ALL and check them before each trip to the store. Take a few minutes before each trip and you will be surprised at what you can get cashback for!

Ibotta – Get paid for what you have to buy ~ bread, milk and more. I have earned over $200 to date

Checkout  51 – Another app like Ibotta that pays you for what you have to buy.

Snap by Groupon – Cash back grocery app with no store restrictions

Shrink – Healthy and awesome food offers, rewards and discounts

Cash For Your Lock Screen Apps – You have to see ads anyway on almost every site, so you may as well get paid for at least some of them! I know I do…each month and you can too. Download the app(s) and use as your unlock screen, cash out for gift cards or to paypal after so many unlocks. *personal tip* download more than 1 (I have all of the listed ones downloaded and have been paid) to earn more at once!

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**If you use US Cellular as your cell provider, go to the android store and type in bill reducer. You can earn $5 off your bill for every 600 swipes**

Cash For Your Photos Apps – These apps allow you to upload your photos to stock sites and you get paid for each one that someone buys. Each site is different but if you like taking photos, these apps are for you! These links are for Android phone downloads








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