About Me


Hi and thanks for stopping by my little piece of the web!

My name is Sarah and I am a mother to 3  beautiful children, ages 15, 13 and 4, plus I have a wonderful husband! I work from home, home school my kids, set my own hours and am able to pursue my other hobbies. Needless to say, I LOVE my life!! My biggest hobby is hula hooping! Don’t laugh! It’s helped me lose all my stubborn pounds, tone me from head  to toe, all while having so much fun because you will NEVER run out of things to learn :) My 4 year old and teens even gets in on the hooping action!

I represent several companies that offer you ways to make money from home, see below, and I have plenty of free options listed on the site, too, just look under Real WAH Jobs!

The goal of this website is to help you find the cool, awesome, diy’s, recipes and ways to make money, all in one place!



Work With Me!!

I would love to welcome you to a new WAH journey!! I represent various companies and am successful with all of them, and would love to help you achieve your dream of being a stay at home parent!

  1. My main business is Younique, and it features an amazing natural makeup, that is good for your skin, as well as other awesome skin products. No monthly minimums, autoships or quotas! Just a 1 time fee of $99 or over $200 in makeup! Use it for just when you go out, or get paid every 3 hours ~ no commitments! Look at everything you get for your 1 time fee!


2. Purly Essential Oils (formerly Simply Aroma) is my second company, and I will be honest, I originally only joined for the starter kit which is FREE, just pay shipping and you get over $120 in essential oils, plus a $25 gift card. Go to this site and watch the video….after that copy the code at the end. Come back here to my site and then go to My direct website here and click opportunities, then join and make sure to select Special Enrollment kit, which will be free after you enter the code from the video! If needed, my adviser ID is 830264 Pictured below is everything you receive with your FREE Kit! Click here for all the ways you can use the starter kit!

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