About Me


Hi and thanks for stopping by my little piece of the web!

My name is Sarah and I am a mother to 3  beautiful children, plus I have a wonderful husband and 4 fur babies! I work at home, home school my kids, set my own hours and am able to pursue my other hobbies. Needless to say, I LOVE my life!! My biggest hobby is hula hooping! Don’t laugh! It’s helped me lose all my stubborn pounds, tone me from head  to toe, all while having so much fun because you will NEVER run out of things to learn 🙂 

I have been marketing online since 2002 and have run numerous, successful websites on traffic and promotion. I almost went back to school for Social Media Marketing, but decided to finish my Masters in Criminal Justice. I know full well that not all sites are created equal and have a page dedicated just to traffic.

I’ve started my own store with candles, tarts, bath bombs, crystals, essential oils and so much more! I love putting together awesome product bundles! Feel free to check out my store anytime

Bath bombs, candles, essential oils and more!

I also represent several companies that offer you ways to make money from home, see below, and I have plenty of free options listed on the site, too, just look under Real WAH Jobs!

The goal of this website is to help you find the coolest stuff, such as diy’s, recipes, ways to make money and drive traffic to your site, all in one place! I have tested the resources on the pages, saving you time and money! Check out all the different sections, which are constantly being updated!

I would love to welcome you to a new WAH journey!! I represent various companies and am successful with all of them, and would love to help you achieve your dream of being a stay at home parent! If you are looking for extra money, I would love to tell you about my businesses, which are Acti Labs and Origami Owl!

My main business is Acti Labs, and for more info on Acti, see our kits below or the tab “Acti Labs by Sarah”. i am also a designer for my dog Luna’s business, which is Origami Owl living locket jewelry and pet collars! Here is an example of my dog Luna’s collars, and 2 of my designs 🙂

My first collar design

I just LOVE this bracelet!

I will also happily provide free consultations for makeup, skincare, weight loss or body care.

Here are our different kit options, and if you are looking to work from home without a startup cost,  please visit the tab called Free Biz Ops!



To YOUR Success,

Sarah Renee