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OVER 70+ jobs that PAY YOU to work at home! 

Hello Everyone! Let me first say, that I am a firm believer in having MORE than 1 income stream, so even if you work a job – you should start something on the side for extra income. We will get into that in another post, but for more info look in the Making Money Section!

Ok, anyway, recently I have been blessed to leave a job I was very unhappy at after 6 years, and find one from the comfort of my home!  I am able to set my own hours, work around my kids, and pursue my other hobbies. Lot’s of people have asked, so I decided to just post links to the different places that hire home workers aka virtual agents. Some of these you do selling, some is customer service, some inbound and some outbound. It will all depend on the company you choose. Please note that my company I am working for is no longer hiring, so they are not listed.

Almost ALL places will require you to have a decent computer and fast internet, as well as experience in either customer service or sales, however each company has different policies. Some pay like a normal job and take taxes out, others you will be considered an independent contractor, and claim your own taxes. Working from home like this will also allow you more tax breaks as well! I hope these resources can get you out of a dead end call center job, and into something amazing, like I was able to achieve.

NEW home jobs added including, tutoring, transcription, accounting, writing and much more!!

Why work in a call center or be stuck with a boss, when you can work for yourself!

No order for these jobs, but all have high ratings and different options.

1. Live Ops

2. Alpine Access

3. Arise Solutions

4. Call Center Options

5. Blue Zebra Appointment Setting

6. West At Home

7. Sitel Careers

8. Advanis Jobs

9. Lion Bridge

10. Appen

11. Sutherland Cloud Source

12. Working Solutions

13. Convergys

14. TeleTech Jobs

15. Contact Center Solutions

16. Amazon Mechanical Turk

17. Apptical *NEW*

18. ARO *NEW*

19. ACD Direct *NEW*

20. Kelly At Home *NEW*

21. NexusOp *NEW*

22. NextWave@Home *NEW*

23. Parameds *NEW*

24. UHaul *NEW*

25. Book Minders *NEW*

26. Accounting Department *NEW*

27. Capital Typing *NEW*

28. Love to Know *NEW*

29. Online Writing Jobs *NEW*

30. Hire Writers *NEW*

31. Cactus *NEW*

32. Examiner *NEW*

33. ChaCha *NEW*

34. About *NEW*

35. Scribe *NEW*

36. BlogMutt *NEW*

37. Leapforce *NEW*

38. Tutor Group *NEW*

39. Elevate K12 *NEW*

40. Pearson *NEW*

41. *NEW*

42. ISus *NEW*

43. ModSquad *NEW*

44. Short Task *NEW*

45. Click Worker *NEW*

46. WorldWide101 *NEW*

47. Virtual Office VCA *NEW*

48. Zirtual *NEW*

49. Timeetc *NEW*

50. Fancy Hands *NEW*

52. Transcribe Team *NEW*

53. Transcribe Me! *NEW*

54. Get Transcribed *NEW*

55. Hollywood Transcriptions *NEW*

56. Casting Word Worker *NEW*

57. Telexpertise *NEW*

58. Maritz *NEW*

59. Intelitech *NEW*

60. Call Center QA *NEW*

61. AmphionMedical *NEW*

62. Sirona Health *NEW*

63. Imaging On Call *NEW*

64. M*Modal *NEW*

65. Steno Med *NEW*

66. Wolfgang Research *NEW*

67. Omni Data Retrieval *NEW*

68. JBS Court Services *NEW*

69. Deed Collector *NEW*

70. Bid A Wiz *NEW*

71. Click Accountants *NEW*

72. Balance Your Books *NEW*

73. Fiverr *NEW* Get one free gig through this link

74. Amazon Customer Service *NEW*

75. Apple *NEW*

76. Aspire Lifestyles *NEW*

77. Concentrix *NEW*

78. HSN (Home Shopping Network) *NEW*

70. On Point At Home *NEW*

71. Next Level Solutions *NEW*

72. Nexrep *NEW*

73. Pleio Good Start *NEW*

74. ORC International *NEW*

75. Televated *NEW*

76. Transcom *NEW*

77. VIP Desk *NEW*

78. BSG Clearing *NEW*

79. Field Agent *new*

80. Hire Point *NEW*

By request, here are other ways to make money from home!


  1. Foap – SELL your photos for cash. Each time your picture is downloaded, you get $5!
  2. Small Business Knowledge Center – Get paid for your junk mail – seriously!!
  3. Needle – Companies need to know your opinion, and BIG NAMES are willing to send your free stuff if you qualify
  4. Uber – Get paid by driving for other around and make good money
  5. Task Rabbit *NEW* various types of tasks offered
  6. GigWalk – *NEW* Easy way to make $


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